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Wix sites now load faster

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

The team at Wix has been working to improve the speed of your sites. For my clients hosted with Wix, your site now loads faster.

  • The Javascript files behind have been optimised further. This means your content, images and videos will load faster for your website visitors, whether on mobile on desktop devices.

  • Wix has increased the number of data centres worldwide. This means your content, images and videos are replicated to more hosting spaces, so your website visitors will be able access your website even faster from wherever they are around the world.

  • Wix automatically converts your images to WebP format, that provides better compression for your JPEG and PNG images.

  • When you crop one of your images using Wix's built-in editor, Wix will automatically optimise the size of your image for display on your web page.

  • Wix uses the 'lazy loader' technique, where a low resolution placeholder image is displayed while the higher resolution image is still loading.

See How Fast your Wix website loads at the Wix speed tester.

See How Fast

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